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What Exactly Is Acromegaly?
Acromegaly is a rare disorder in which there is too high of a level of growth hormone in the body. Acromegaly is caused by a non-cancerous tumor that grows on the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is a small gland in the brain that produces hormones, including growth hormone. The pituitary tumor causes the pituitary gland to overproduce growth hormone, which results in oversized organs, bone deformities and other secondary disorders.

In children Acromegaly is also known as gigantism, because when it occurs in growing children it results in an excessively tall height. In children and adults, there are a wide variety of symptoms of Acromegaly, including specific facial changes. Symptoms generally develop slowly over years. If Acromegaly is not diagnosed and treated, it can lead to serious damage to vital organs, such as the kidneys, liver, thyroid gland, spleen, pancreas, and parathyroid glands.


I think I may have Acromegaly, what should I do?
See your Doctor as soon as possible.


Which type of Doctor should I ideally see if I am suffering from Acromegaly?
You should see an endocrinologist.


Is Acromegaly a fatal disease?
Acromegaly itself is usually not fatal but the complications of Acromegaly can be life threatening. Successful treatment of Acromegaly will usually restore normal health.


How can Acromegaly be prevented?
There is no known way to prevent Acromegaly. Early detection is the best way to prevent severe symptoms and complications.


Symptoms of a Pituitary Disorder (L) and common Pituitary Diseases (R):


* Headaches
* Depression
* Mood/Emotion Swings
* Anger
* Loss of Memory
* Loss of Sleep
* Sexual Dysfunction
* Lethargy
* Weakness in Limbs
* High Blood Pressure
* Unusual Hair Growth
* Eating Disorders
     o Anorexia
     o Obesity
     o Bulimia
     o Weight Gain
* Diabetes
* Infertility
* Impotence
* Irregular Menses
* Lactating
*Adrenal Insufficiency (Addison's Disease)
*Cushing’s Syndrome
*Empty Sella Syndrome
*FSH & LH Tumors
*GH Deficiency
*Non-Functioning Tumors (Endocrine-Inactive *Tumors)
*Rathkes Cleft Cysts
*Sheehan's Syndrome
*TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) Secreting *Tumors

About Tanya


Is her name pronounced TANya or TONya???

Both Tanya and Karen will tell you, "either, or"...but Tanya prefers the TANya pronunciation


Tanya's Birthday is November 27, 1978


What music does Tanya Like?

She likes Eminem and Aerosmith


What were Tanya's physical statistics in "The Bikini Shot"?

Tanya was 16 1/2 years old, weighed approximately 135-145 pounds and stood 5'8" tall.


How old was Tanya when she began noticing changes in her size and appearance?

Tanya first began noticing changes in her shoe and other clothing sizes when she was XXXX


Where does Tanya sleep?

Tanya sleeps in a specially made bed with a specially made air mattress to both support her weight and relieve pressure.


What kind of pain is Tanya really in?

Since her entire system is completely affected and making up it's own new rules as she grows, Tanya is in chronic pain. For example, her weight bears down on her spine and it's crushing. Her medications cause her great distress as well. Even eating is a chore for her. During Doctor visits, Tanya uses the score of "9" to describe her daily pain.


Why have the Doctor's simply removed Tanya's Pituitary Gland?

Tanya's pituitary gland has been crushed and misshapen by her original largest tumor and all the new tumors which continue to grow in tangled messes. Quite simply, the surgery to remove her pituitary gland would be so dangerous that it might well end her life.


Does Tanya eat a lot?

No. Due to many different factors, Tanya is actually rarely hungry. She has to be told when it's time to eat and how much she needs to eat. Most of the time, she prefers not to eat. This isn't healthy or even an option, especially given the fact that the amount of medication she has to take 3 times a day wreaks havoc on her stomach.


What Are Tanya's Jewelry Sizes? (most comfortable sizes)

Bracelet size 10"

Necklace size: 30"


What was the worst day Tanya experienced?

Tanya will tell you, that was the "halo" day.


What was the best day Tanya experienced?

The best day would definitely be when she got to go swimming with dolphins!


Tanya's Favorites:

Taste Factor: German Chocolate Cake

Visual Factor: Tropical Themes in Decor'

Listening Factor: Eminem and Aerosmith


Support Groups and Blogs





Celebrity Acromegaly


* Actor Ted Cassidy, possibly best known for his role as "Lurch" in The Addams Family TV Series

* Wrestler/Actor Andre the Giant, who had a role in the film The Princess Bride


* Actor Richard Kiel, who played in James Bond movies as the steel-toothed character "Jaws"


* Self Help Author and Motivational Speaker Anthony "Tony" Robbins





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