Tanya Angus had Acromegaly and was the only known case in the World where surgery,

medication and other treatments had not been successful in stopping her growth.

Acromegaly and Other Pituitary Diseases Can Strike Anyone!
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Tanya Angus Passed Away on January 14, 2013, due to her heart. RIP dear one.

Thank you for all of your lovely condolences.



Typical signs and symptoms of Acromegaly include:

-Enlarged hands and feet
-Larger and broader facial features
-Protrusion of the lower jaw so the lower teeth extend beyond the upper teeth (under bite)
-Teeth separating
-Thickened, oily skin
-Excessive sweating and body odor
-Small skin outgrowths (skin tags)
-Fatigue and muscle weakness
-A deepened, husky voice due to enlarged vocal cords and sinuses
-Severe snoring and frequent brief interruptions in nighttime breathing (sleep apnea)
-Impaired vision
-Enlarged tongue
-Back pain
-Pain and limited mobility in joints
-Lactation in women
-Menstrual cycle irregularities in women
-Reduced sex drive and, in men, trouble achieving or maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction)
-Enlarged liver, heart, kidneys, spleen and other organs
-Increased chest size (barrel chest)


  • If you notice any long-term changes in your appearance or other symptoms you think may be associated with Acromegaly, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN and request to see an ENDOCRINOLOGIST to have your IGF-1 levels checked. Be persistent if your Physician does not take satisfactorily action.

  • Most folks diagnosed with Acromegaly will tell you that they first noticed their hands, feet and weight increasing substantially over a one year period.

  • Acromegaly usually develops slowly, and even your family members may not initially notice the gradual physical changes that have occurred. Timely diagnosis is important so that you can receive proper care. Acromegaly can lead to serious complications if it's not treated.

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